Computer Duet

A performance between the user and a socially-engaged dirty computer.

Made in collaboration with Katya Rozanova for the New Musical Instruments Hackathon - Oct 14, 2017.

GitHub repository


For this musical project, we wanted to take a step away from the usual tonal, melodic or rhythmic creations. So, in an attempt to cover our musical weaknesses we used computer-generated voices to create a duet which takes user input and randomly decides a new line to sing along.

This web-based project was built with the p5.Speech library, a p5.js implementation of Google's Speech Synthesis API. It features a simple UI, with two animated sine waves that represent each of the performers.

The computer performer was made with a socially-engaged dirty personality. It alternates between phrases about social issues ("global warming"), it's own dirty thoughts ("all night long"), or sometimes both ("impeach me, baby").

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