Creative Coding

Compilation of creative coding small projects and experiments

### Masculinity Protector (2017) [Link]( | [GitHub repository](

Satirical web app created to "protect" men when they listen to music that's often considered "femenine".

This project wants to instigate a reflection about hegemonic masculinity (it's really fragile) and raising the question whether there's adequate gender-based content (there's not).

### Worker Bees (2016) [Link]( | [GitHub repository]( Worker bees

Sketch created for the "Nature of Code" Kadenze course. It incorporates flock behavior, genetic coding and optimization functions.

### Camera Visual Effects [GitHub repository](
Triple bar & orange threshold effect Image crystalization effect
Triple bar + threshold + hue & crystalization effects

Live Camera Visual Effects made in Processing 3.0 and controlled by PureData.

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