m e e t_ re_mote

What happens if the physical encounter of two bodies is replaced by a virtual encounter in mid-air between two gazes?

What if you don’t see somebody’s eyes, but you you know you are looking at the same point in the distance? “meet_” plays with the notion of non-physical, invisible and at the end virtual encounters in a real space.

m e e t_ re_mote
m e e t_ re_mote

As part of the “meet” project, “re mote” expands the exploration of the replacing the physical encounter by the crossing of gazes. “re_ mote” connects gazes from different parts of the world, while also showcasing the intersection itself.

meet_ re_mote from Nicolas Peña-Escarpentier on Vimeo.

Two booths display the stream of a webcam on each entrance of the cylinder, while also capturing the spectators. Their gazes cross in the middle of the cylinder, creating a virtual encounter in a separate location, thousands of miles apart.

At the same time, the cylinder is showcased as a physical installation that allows the audience to be a guest and perceive the crossing itself. Another screen, this one at the installation, briefly shows the spectators that connect in a virtual meeting space.

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