Rhythmic Skin

A wearable MIDI-enabled device loaded with haptic motors for musical performance or learning.

Rhythmic Skin version 1.0
Rhythmic Skin v1.0

Rhythmic Skin aims to solve the issue of auditive overload and relieve pressure from the performer. This device sends haptic messages to the back of the musician, transmitting only key information about the computerized part of the performance.

Moreover, the rhythmic driver is a layer can be added-on any existing jacket, only by adding three velcro zones to the interior of the garment. This provides a portable device and ensures an adequate fit to any performer.

This device connects via MIDI USB to any music software, granting an easy way to program the haptic signals to send to the performer. From a metronome beat, to song or section changes or detailed layer information, it gives users a wide array of choices that feel natural and unobtrusive.

Rhythmic Skin user testing
Rhythmic Skin was showcased @ World Maker Faire NYC

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