Wireless Bijective FX

Software based bijective multiple effects processor and hardware based wireless controller for live performances.

In collaboration with Aarón Montoya-Moraga for the course "Interactive Arts Workshop" (Professors: Rodrigo Cádiz, Patricio de la Cuadra).

GitHub repository

Project diagram
Project functionality diagram

We made a software+hardware piece that enabled us to play an instrument each while affecting each other's sound. The data and audio processing for the two instruments was made in PureData. We programmed a looper, booster, echo and reverb for each instrument. Meanwhile, the controllers were Arduino-based, using XBee modules for wireless connectivity.


The musician's control over they're own sound is widespread and easy to accomplish, but it is a collaborative variable that has not been widely explored. With this project, we wanted to explore the modification of each other musician's sound in live performances.

Arduino and XBee testing
Arduino and XBee testing

Project effects
Effects, communication and PureData sketch

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