An interactive experience on exploration, expression and dance.

Competing Voices

Competing Voices is a musical performance piece about internal conflict and the external factors that enhance that conflict.

Rhythmic Skin

Rhythmic skin is a wearable device for one-person musical performances.

Everyday Windows

By mixing physical computing and a set of VR experiences, Everyday Windows invites the user to reflect on the sociopolitical aspects of everyday sexism.


Extra is an interactive conceptual exhibition piece. It combines a newspaper with sensors and projection mapping of news media to generate a reflection about media bombardment and the role of information.

m e e t_ re_mote

What happens if the physical encounter of two bodies is replaced by a virtual encounter in mid-air between two gazes?

Peaceful Forest

Peaceful Forest is a meditative VR experience designed to induce a state of mindfulness.


Audiovisual storytelling experiments in different technologies.

Mesh Media

As Net Neutrality fades away, Mesh Media was created as an independent offline networked platform for creators to distribute their own content, unfiltered by ISP inspection and possible blocking.

Videos for OCAC Chile

Composition and edition of scripts, video and sound for the Observatory Against Street Harassment Chile (OCAC Chile)

Computer Duet

A performance between the user and a socially-engaged dirty computer.

Creative Coding

Compilation of creative coding small projects and experiments


Chilean based music project active between 2013 and 2015. Their work was inspired by the exploration of delayed guitars rock sounds.

Wireless Bijective FX

Software based bijective multiple effects processor and hardware based wireless controller for live performances.