Competing Voices

An algorithmic musical performance piece about internal conflict and clashing personalities.

Competing voices presents an array of 6 personalities which reinterpret what’s being played by the performer in their own way. The constant overlapping of voices and sudden cacophonies derived from the same patterns aim to represent a state of constant internal struggle for power, and how we strive to find a balance between them.

The input of the guitar (the performer’s conscious voice) is fed to the computer through an interface. Then, it’s run through a frequency analysis and given to each voice to interpret using diverse processes such as Markov chains, filters and evolutive patterns. The musical performance is accompanied by a visual presentation that combines geometrical patterns with an altered live feed of my actions.

Competing voices max patch
Competing voices main Max patch

Performance at ISSUE Project Room
Performance and visual element
Performed at ISSUE Project Room

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